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luxury mktg

Luxury MKTG is a leading digital marketing services organization. We specialize in providing marketing services for businesses who are looking to expand their reach and awareness to new heights. Our tribe of marketing geeks are standing by to create your tailored solution!

Core Services

Marketing Strategy

A proper marketing plan will direct the attention of the perfect audience to the perfect product or service while turning new leads at the same time.


Social Media is not the future, it’s the NOW! We can get you up to speed!


Websites are often the first date. First impressions are important!


Your brand is who you are. What does your company represent?


Need more cart checkouts? This is our specialty!


 We can aid with media creative such as event shoots, video post-production, photo processing and re-touching.

influencer marketing

Identifying individuals who create high-impact conversations, with your ideal target audience


Knowing how and where to recruit the best talent can be surprisingly complex. We'll take care of finding the best candidate for the job.



Luxury MKTG serves a vast array of business across multiple industries. We specialize in the following:

Medical Industry Marketing

If you’re a dentist, chiropractor, or even masseuse, let us work with you! We can assist with a branding gameplan while creating a hyper-targeted strategy to fill your calendar with new clients!

Health and Wellness Marketing

Our appreciation for health and wellness is something that has been in existence well before the foundation of Luxury MKTG. It is our absolute joy and pleasure to work with companies that promote a healthy lifestyle whether it be gyms, fitness trainers, health food brands, or any other type of company that promotes a healthy proactive way of life.

Startup Marketing

Good branding and marketing are an essential component of the vitality of a startup. A clear and concise strategy combining the two components mentioned above can only help a new organization navigate through its first tough couple of years in its infancy.

Thought Leadership Marketing

Thought leadership is a method of marketing, that has been proven time and time again. We know what solidifies you as an expert within your industry. The goal of thought leadership marketing is not to create sales heavy content, but to provide an entry point to your business by branding yourself as an expert. We provide thought leadership marketing strategies with video, blogging and social media management for brands and individuals.


We would love to hear about the details of your project so that we may price accordingly and provide you with a quote